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      Cure Cancer Awareness Campaign (CCAC)

      Cure Cancer Awareness Campaign (CCAC) is a flagship project, of support foundation support to create awareness Or cancer amongst children, youth and the general population with focus on adopting suitable habit style habits and activities that would minimize risks to not just cancer about other dreaded diseases.

      This campaign has, reached out to nearly 90,000 children in the country and focused on inculcating the desirable habits and lifestyle for healthy living. Two areas touched upon were Excessive use of gadgets like mobiles, tabs, laptops, without taking optimal precautions and exposure to prolonged radiations from these devices and may trigger onset of cancer.

      Food intake of more fats (junk foods, over-fried and heated etc.) may increase insiders of many health issues.

      The campaign was lifesaver in supporting children from poor economic backgrounds who are victims of this dreaded disease.